Money Belt for Travel / Hidden Waist Wallet for Men and Women




COMFORTABLE, thin and lightweight. Constructed out of durable, water-resistant, ripstop nylon.
Back is soft, breathable mesh so it’s not rough against your skin.
Band is stretchy and adjustable up to 60 inches.
So comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing it.

SECURE. Have you ever known someone who has had their passport or wallet stolen?
Don’t let the theft of your valuables interrupt your travel.

ORGANIZE your valuables with two strong, zippered pockets.

Larger pocket has three sections: the large section can function as a phone and passport holder, while the two smaller, mesh sections can ideally serve as a credit card holder as well as secure compartments for keys and hotel or cruise cards.
Second pocket is perfect for cash and coin.
Everything is in one place.

HIDDEN, yet convenient, because it is large enough to fit most items that need to be secure, yet small enough to be comfortable while hidden under clothes or inside your pants.

Product code: TA-WAIST-POUCH


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