CAT6 male and female network 90 degree angle connector


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Male to female network adapter to achieve data transfer between different devices and sharing,
such as computers and switches and all other devices that use network cables
90degree curved design, convenient and intimate in line with the user’s habits, and equipment
more fitting for corner or wall
plug and unplug for more conveniency

Product Name: Male to Female Cable Adapter
Color: Black
Contact: Gold-plated Connection
Cover: Green PVC Material

Features 90 degree Bending Design
Scene applications are mainly used for the interconnection of two different devices to share or transmit data.
Such as: notebooks, home computers and switches, routers, hubs ADSL, modem interconnection.

24K gold-plated gold-plated contacts, wear-resistant anti-corrosion
Both adapter and protection device
Small handy to connect laptop network interface, integrated with the device Network cable plug directly on the adapter to avoid Repeated plugging and unplugging of
the notebook interface to reduce wear and tear

Product code: LSA-CL1742


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