2 Port HDMI Switcher – Two Input Sources to One Display

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Ce-Link HDMI selector Intelligent Function: has the key-press-switching function.

Automatic search the new input signal.

The HDMI switcher 4k allows you connects three HDMI devices to one HDMI display.

Gold plated connectors.

No loss of quality

This HDMI splitter switch support full 3D&1080p and with 3 ft hdmi pigtail cable

HDMI cable (pigtail) switch – Plug and Play.

This HDMI Switch Switcher Support 3d-1080p, HDMI 1.3v -Hdcp 1.2.

You Can Connect 2 Different Input Source to One Display Such As connect Dvd, Camera, Cellphone, sky-stb, xbox 360, roku to more than one tv /projector at the same time with this HDMI switcher

Product code: LSA-CL2287


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